25 – 27

Aspen, CO
The Aspen Institute

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Healthspottr Annual Retreat | An invitational gathering for innovators, investors, business and civic leaders, policy advocates and philanthropists who are dedicated to healthcare transformation.

Mission | We seek to expose participants to new disciplines and methods of thinking so they may reconsider their work with more flexible minds.

Format | Each element of our agenda is designed to help participants cultivate new ideas, new relationships and new opportunities for collaboration with one another.

2015 Theme | Family in Health.

As science and technology push us toward personalization, interventions for the “N-1’ cease to be science fiction. Yet man is a social animal; genomics may identify the perfect therapy for one man’s cancer, but who helps the patient stay on the protocol? Family in Health explores the benefits of comprehending the individual through the social structure that frames his daily life. We will ask: In the age of personalization, how can we combine our most targeted data science with our deep understanding of group behavior to promote better care and sustainable health to more people?

Keynote speakers | 2012 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Dr. Alvin Roth, will discuss his work in matching market and explain how such algorithmic tools can be used to drive efficiencies and patient satisfaction in healthcare. Hugo Award-winning author and futurist, Robert J. Sawyer, will share his vision for health and care in the decades to come and lead our exploration of what we should be innovating toward.

Workshops | This year’s pre-agenda program includes practical workshops focused on critical issues for innovative companies: Getting Covered and Getting Paid: The art of re-imbursement in a post reform era. We again offer the Aspen Leadership Seminar customized especially for our attendees by the Aspen Institute‚Äôs Director of Seminars, Todd Breyfogle. We will design additional workshops to meet our members’ specific interests and needs. To suggest a workshop contact:

Activities | Our program also includes a range of curated outdoor activities, including the Healthspottr Golf Tournament, fly fishing and a guided hike. We would be happy to design additional activities for our members and their family members or guests. To suggest an activity contact: