by Healthspottr

Because the best ideas inspire action.

Ideate. Activate. Iterate.

Expedition offers a guided trek between where your business is today, and where you want to take it tomorrow. We convert your best ideas and aspirations into game-changing, financially-viable business solutions with speed and agility.


Current approaches to innovation often get stuck in the idea stage, bogged down by an endless cycle of design thinking, never catalyzing action, never generating impact. Expedition does more than generate ideas. We will map an action plan to grow your organization’s topline revenue and activate incremental revenue streams to compound the value created for you, your organization and your customers.


Using our proven framework for problem-solving and a network of carefully selected cross-industry experts, Expedition will guide you to rapidly identify, prototype and test new ideas and concepts that are inspired by your growth aspirations, but also grounded in your immediate business needs.

We validate this problem-solving framework with our unique data analytics and a cutting-edge modeling tool to assess and mitigate unnecessary risk along the way. Finally, we will map the tangible steps for operationalizing your new business solutions, so that your innovation journey may continue with viability — and speed.

Carleen Hawn

Carleen is CEO and Co-Founder of Healthspottr. She is also a Board Director of CureSearch, a non-profit foundation that accelerates the search for cures to childhood cancers, an Advisory Board member to Minneapolis-based Adrenaline Health, and to Thelander Consulting, Silicon Valley’s leading executive compensation data firm. Previously, Carleen served on the Editorial Advisory Board of TEDMED, was Associate Editor with Forbes and a Senior Writer and West Coast Bureau Chief for Fast Company. With Forbes, she created the well-known Midas List, an index of leading venture capital dealmakers.

Greg Heinemann

Corporate behemoths and scrappy startups alike have turned to Greg for more than 25 years to help them build brands and launch companies. The one thing they have in common: a focus on immediate growth. Greg’s career started in the marketing department of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, where he coined the term “PBR ME ASAP”. He went on to lead the sales and marketing departments for Carlson Companies before co-founding his own firm, Denali Marketing, a $25M, 150-person Loyalty and Digital Services agency that merged with Olson in 2010, creating one of the top ten independent agencies in the US.

Brian Cooper

Brian is co-founder of Adrenaline Health, a strategy and design firm that delivers market-leading consumer engagement solutions. When a brand creates an emotional, personally definable relationship with its customers it is the measure of true brand loyalty. This is the premise upon which Adrenaline Health is building a world class. Inspiration Platform. Brian’s career has included leadership roles at Target Corporation, UnitedHealth Group and Deloitte Consulting, all with a common theme of innovation and business development.

Tom Delay

Tom serves as COO of Healthspottr. He has extensive experience setting up operating entities for financial and technology firms, working with partners and customers to develop new products and business strategies, and identifying and closing investment opportunities for financial and strategic buyers. Prior to joining Healthspottr, Tom held senior operating roles in three startups in technology (Bang Networks and BeNotified Software) and financial services (New Capital Markets). Tom is the CEO and Co-Founder of iHealth Analytics, a comparative analytics and resource utilization platform for payers and providers.