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Bertalan ("Berci") Meskó
Debrecen, Hungary


Fresh face of Health 3.0. If you were seeking a face to put on the long future of healthcare -- the future that's around the corner, not just down the road -- then Berci Meskó is your guy. He hasn't even graduated from medical school yet (that happens next month), but this enterprising young man in Debrecen, Hungary has already launched a "medical web 2.0 guidance service" to counsel doctors twice his age on how to use Web2.0 tools to run their practices a bit better. It's called Webicina, and while the advice is relatively simple, we like it because Berci basically offers his tips in a CliffsNotes-like format; there are short lessons, and easy to parse lists of additional resources such as wikis, and slideshows that he collects for you. We like kits, and Berci offers them. He recently published a list of disease-specific guidance packages: Rheumatology2.0, Drepression2.0, Radiology2.0, etc. Simple as they are they'll save you time (why we call them CliffsNotes) and they are a tiny example of the specialization folks of the Christensen-school like so much. Perhaps Berci should call them "solution kits." ScienceRoll, his daily blog is a fun summary of Berci's latest discoveries from other innovators, and a must-read for us. He apparently succeeded in getting Web2.0 course accredited at his medical school, and he also likes to engage in simulation on Second Life. The soon-to-be Dr. Meskó graduates from the University of Debrecen Medical School and Health Science Center next month. Being of the next-generation, he's naturally diving right into the most progressive area of medicine: he plans to begin his PhD program in personalized genomics in October.

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