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John C. Goodman
President & CEO
National Center for Policy Analysis
Dallas, TX


Health savings accounts. You know you've arrived when you're spoofed on The Onion News Network. Goodman's think tank, National Center for Policy Analysis, has been an ardent opponent of universal coverage. The satirical "news piece" surveys children who concur -- because universal coverage would mean they'd have to go to the doctor instead of to the playground. (It's funny!) Seriously, Goodman, a doctor of economics, has been writing about healthcare domestically, and abroad since 1980, when he published his book, National Health Care in Great Britain -- three years before founding NCPA. Since then Goodman has been a clear voice for free-market approaches to reform, and he is widely credited with evolving Tony Miller's concept for a health reimbursement account into the contemporary health savings account. Dr. Goodman's blog is probably the best source for a quick survey of the policy debate from the conservative side of the aisle. He likes to claim credit for killing the health reform initiatives of the Clinton Administration, and published an exhaustive response to Sicko, the Michael Moore "documentary" on the U.S. healthcare system. 

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