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Spottrgroups are small cohorts within the Healthspottr community made up of innovators, investors and thought leaders who share a specific business interest – such as a focus on a significant industry vertical, an emerging market opportunity, or a new delivery model.

These small groups will help Healthspottr serve you better by allowing us to track more precisely your most relevant and immediate business needs. We will use this knowledge to organize quarterly, informal events to help you and your cohort peers work on solutions to issues currently impacting your work. As always, we will tightly curate Spottrgroup events to include people who can help you and advance your success.

Each Spottrgroup will be co-chaired by member of our community to help us stay tuned-in to your needs.

Please consider joining one of these flagship Spottrgroups, or suggest one of your own using the button below.



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A working group for innovators, investors and self-insured employers who are dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in workforce health and wellness.


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For innovators and investors who leverage technology, UX design and sustainable business models to deliver care in ways that are low-cost and consistent with how we live — on-line, on-the-go and on-demand. By evolving traditional treatment and prevention methods for chronic conditions, addictions, mental and physical health, Digital Therapies elevate consumer engagement and quality outcomes. Members of this Spottrgroup are the leading innovators, employers, insurers, and investors who see value in exchanging know-how on topics like consumer adoption and enterprise sales, behavior change, program benchmarking, and payment practices for this emerging space.

Pharmacy Benefit

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A working group for innovators, investors and employers who are dedicated to simplifying and improving how pharmacy benefits are administered, accessed and delivered.


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A working group for leading clinicians, researchers and business innovators who seek to accelerate delivery of gene- and cell-based therapies to the global market with protocols that ensure safety, efficiency and efficacy for patients. Our group will explore solutions to current challenges, such as quality standards, compliance and data sharing, and explore opportunities for collaboration that may advance this promising space.


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This Spottrgroup will explore how to apply Complexity Science theory and the most advanced prediction and modeling tools to improve business decision-making across areas of U.S. healthcare. This group seeks a new framework for decision-making that will help us discern the best business models, the right risk strategies, and the most innovative products and services to deliver higher quality healthcare, to more people, with greater cost-efficiencies in the years ahead. Ideal for innovative thinkers focus on business and product development, strategy, care-delivery, supply chain management and finance.

Future Spottrgroups

Food System

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A working group for innovators and investors seeking to impact health, wellness and healthcare economics through the food system.

Long-Term Care

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A working group for innovators and investors seeking to improve the quality and economics of delivering persistent care to aging and high-need communities.

Build Environment

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For innovators and investors seeking to understand the connection between population health and the designed structures and environments in which we live and work. This spottrgroup will seek to address the challenges we face when trying to innovate in the areas of urban planning and policy, as well as how to bring cost-efficiencies to physical construction of all kinds.

Enterprise Sales

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A working group for companies and entrepreneurs whose go-to-market plan requires an enterprise or channel sales strategy. This group will focus on the right methods and tactics for getting to yes with payer organizations or self-insured employers, and address how to develop successful partnerships with various potential channel partners.

Healthspottr strives to curate events and programs that foster unique opportunities for you to discover new ideas, form new relationships and forge new opportunities to collaborate and create value with one another.

Spottrgroups will help us deliver on this mission with greater frequency and greater impact.

But we can improve this model even more, with your input. Please share your comments and feedback using the link below.