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We developed Talkspottr out of the desire to keep the conversation at our events going. Its a chance for our members to sit down with our esteemed speakers and take the conversation beyond the retreat.

Tom McGuire
Lockheed Martin

Jean-Francois Beaule
UnitedHealth Group

Chris Nowinski
Concussion Legacy Foundation

Amit Etkin
Stanford University

James Fowler
UC San Diego

Alvin Roth
Nobel laureate in Economics

David Krakauer
Santa Fe Institute

Success Stories & Testimonials

Healthspottr members share their valuable tales.

Esther Dyson
Chairman EDventure Holdings

Dean Stephens
CEO Healthline Networks

Bill Hagstrom
Founder Octave Bioscience

Michael Sturmer
Senior Director Clinical Operations Cigna

Healthspottr Experience

Find out what it is like to attend a Healthspottr event.

Retreat Experience

The Salon Experience

Member Experience

Cure Search Experience

PwC Salon Dinner Interviews

PwC and Healthspotr recently convened a select group of innovators, investors, new entrants and thought leaders in the health industry to exchange perspectives on the changing healthcare environment and to debate how new and established players can capitalize on growth opportunities in the New Health Economy™. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

Margaret Laws
The Need for User-Centered Design in Healthcare

Ash Malik
Leveraging Quantified Self Data in Healthcare

Doug Noland
The Value of Consumer Generated Data

Nikki Parham
Delivering a Better Customer Experience

Jacob Best
Leveraging New Sources of Data

Sean Duffy
Improving Consumer Engagement in Healthcare

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